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Modulary physiological measuring system
Configuration URODYNAMIC


Technical data:

Flow transducer:
Flow volume:
Measuring range:   up to  2000 ml
Accuracy: up to 50ml +/- 1ml
50ml up to 100ml +/-3ml
100ml  up to 2000ml +/-3%
Linearity: < 0,05%
Flow rate:
Measuring range: 0 up to 12.5ml/s
0 up to 25ml/s
0 up to  50ml/s
Accuracy: +/-3%
A/D-Converter: 12bit

Volume transducer (Infusion):
Measuring range:   up to 2000 ml
Scale: 0 up to 1500ml
0 up to 750ml
0 up to 375ml
Accuracy: up to 50ml  +/- 1ml
50ml  up to 100ml +/-3ml
100ml  up to 2000ml +/-3%
Linearity: < 0,05%
A/D-Converter: 12bit

Pressure transducer:
Measuring range: -40 cmH2O up to 400cm H2
Scale: 0 up to 200cm H2O
0 up to 100cm H2O
0 up to 50cm H2O
Frequency range:   DC up to 20 Hz
Accuracy:  up to 100cm H2O +/-2cm H2O
100cmH2O up to 400cm H2O +/-2%
A/D-Converter: 10bit

Measuring range: up to 2500ÁV
Scale: 0 up tos 25ÁV
0 up to 250ÁV
0 up to 2500ÁV
Average time: 0.1sec.
Filter: 100 Hz bis 10 kHz
A/D-Converter: 10bit

Puller device:
constant pulling speed
Pulling range: 280mm
Pulling speed: 0,2   0,5   1   2  5mm/sec.
Accuracy: +/-2%

Roller pump:
constant fillingspeed: 5 ml/min up to 100 ml/min
Perfusions quantaty: 5 and 10ml/min   (Profilometry)
Filling speed: 5,   10,   20,   50 and 75ml/min
Accuracy: +/-5%