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Modular physiological measuring station
configuration URODYNAMICS

A simple handling instrument
with the
modern high tech for

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Our physiological PMS-future-3 measuring system is a modular system baded on up-to-date technology.

Several URODYNAMICS MEASURING UNITS for daily routine measurements in hospitals and practices are available on the international market. Most of these systems are compact-systems.

 The physiological PMS-future-3 measuring system is based on modular technic - that's why it offers essential advantages:

In the following table the most important advantages are summarized.

Modular technic: (PMS-future-3) Compact-System:
Using a standard personal computer (PC) the system is always equipped with the best and extendable computer technology - regardless time of purchase. Without the latest technologies a computer system is no longer up-to-date.
On demand you can extend this modular based system by new components at any time.
Furthermore you can exchange it for an up-to-date computer system.
If you want to adapt the system to future developments, big efforts are necessary.
The extension possibilities by new modules are cheap and easy. If you want to adapt the system to future developments, big efforts are necessary.
Very easy software-update by CD-Rom. A software-update is only possible by customer service.
Offers all advantages of the PC world.

In contrast to a compact system, we build our  PMS-future-3 measuring system in module technic, with stands for:

  • simple handling,

  • very customer-friendly,

  • best value of money

  • forward-looking technology conception

You will see that our system is designed for the daily routine measurement in hospitals and clinics. For scientific studies additional software is available.

We are pleased being able to present our modular high tech  PHYSIOLOGICAL MEASURING SYSTEM PMS-future-3 

  • aesthetic outfit,

  • solid material,

  • extremely compact,

  • easy on transport   and

  • lightly handling, by cleaning and sterilization

  • always newest computer technology,
  • 17" Color Monitor or TFT-Display  and
  • modular conception of measuring technic with exchangeable modules.

From this following advantages result:

  • simple extension of new modules, (new measuring procedure),

  • simple exchange of modules (including better measuring technics),

  • no more useless cables,

  • best and low-cost service.

  • computer-system (PC),

  • Measuring unit with:

    • Bus system for Power supply's and power electronic:

      • Power supply PS1,

      • Power supply PS2   and

      • Power electronic for two stepper motors

    • Bus system for measure and control modules

      • System modules:

        • Controller with USB interface including galvanic isolation,

        • A/D-converter,

      • Measure modules

      • Control modules.

Additional equipment: At the moment the following additional equipments are available:
  • Volume transducer,
  • Uroflow transducer,
  • Roller pump (with stepper motor)
  • Puller (with stepper motor) and
  • IFR remote control.

Mechanical construction:

  • Computer, and
  • PMS Unit
    are integrated in a functional designed, compact and easy movable trolley, and therefore protected against dust and bad soiling.
  • Keyboard, Mouse and
  • Printer
    are located on two pullout tables.
  • Standpipe with the holding device for the volume transducer and the infusion bottle,
  • Hydraulic arm for the puller and
  • Roller pump
    are fixed on the side of the trolley.
  • Uroflow transducer
    is height-adjustable and fixed on a mobile stand.

All mechanical components of the system such as:

  • Case (trolley),
  • Roller pump,
  • Puller with hydraulic arm,
  • Volume transducer and
  • Uroflow transducer

are constructed with best material in highest quality. So you get a system for a long time of using without any defects.

Modular physiological measuring system  PMS-future-3:

Computer system:
The computer system as well as our measuring technic is built modular. The system is currently assembled with the following personal computer system (PC) as standard.

  • CPU: PENTIUM  2.5 Ghz, 

  • RAM: 1 GB,

  • 1,44 MB floppy disk,

  • 200 GB hard disc,

  • DVD-ROM RW drive,

  • 19 TFT color monitor

  • Keyboard,

  • Mouse and 

  • Inkjet color printer.

Video option:
For video applications we extend the computer system with:

  • 1 GB RAM  (in all 2 GB),

  • additional 200 GB hard disc (in all 400 GB)

  • Video digitizer Card (PAL-System), optional: NTSC, SECAM and

  • High-speed inkjet color printer (optional: laser printer).


Our Measuring Unit is equipped with the operating system Windows XP.

For further informations regarding software 'Urodat for Windows' please click here.

If you want to equip the basic system with a new software (update) of an upgrade, we are able to deliver this on CD-ROM


The following modules are currently available:

  •  Data recording:

    • Pressure (for 4 pressures),

    • Transducer module (flow und infusion) and

    • BIO-AC-amplifier (Muscle potential - EMG).

  • Control:

    • Stepper motors control
      (for control of roller pump and puller)

Design your own System.
The basic equipment contains:

  • Computer System,

  • PMS basic unit with

  • Modules for power supply and 

  • System-modules.

Upon your specifications we equip the two bus systems with the modules, which enables you to solve your special measuring and control task.

Nevertheless we continuously try to extend our range of new measuring and control modules to open new fields for our measuring station PMS-future-3.

As you can see, our system  PMS-future-3  is not only and extremely flexible (measuring and controlling), but also a basic system for existing and future measuring technics.

The results are the following advantages:

  • You get the measuring and controlling system you need.

  • Future developments in measuring and controlling technics can be integrated by latest modules (That means if you want to introduce new measuring methods you don't have to buy an all-new instrument).

  • incredible long-term cost savings by optimum technology


Urodynamics Examinations with the PMS-future-3 system:
(configuration urodynamic)

The system provides the following urodynamic examinations::

  • Uroflowmety,

  • Cystometry,

  • Cystometry / Uroflometry,

  • Profilomety

  • Profilomety under stress conditions

  • EMG

Hardware requirements:
For this the PMS-basic unit has to be equipped with the following measuring modules:

  • Pressure module for registration of

    • vesical, 

    • abdominal and

    • urethral pressure.

  •  Transducer module for registration of

    • Uroflow  and

    • infused quantity

  • EMG module

  • Processor module for controlling the:

    • Extraction device (puller) and the

    • Infusion (roller) pump.

               For these measurements you need the following auxiliaries:

  • Flow Transducer,

  • Volume Transducer,

  • Roller pump and

  • Puller device


The application program 'Urodat for Windows' running under WINDOWS XP guides you through:

  • the whole measuring program,

  • the data base for patient data and

  • the data base for measuring data..

The first window showing the main menu appears automatically after switching on the measuring unit if asked for.
The analyses supply you with the data resulting from routine examinations.

All analyses of measurements have an identical structure and ease this way the handling of different measuring programs.

Structure of the measuring programs:

  • Input / adoption of patient data,

  • Choice of measuring line,

  • Input / adoption of measuring parameters,

  • Test Run,

  • Measurement,

  • Analysis and

  • Evalustion of Measurement.

 Working on the measuring results you can switch between analysis and evaluation as often as you want.

Advantages of PMS-future-3 System:

May we at least point out once again the advantages of our system:

  • best mechanic

  • compact and self-contained unit 
    measuring technics, computer and printer are protected against soiling

  • always the latest computer technology

  • modular conception (computer and measuring technics)

  • easy to handle by integrated hardware testing program

  • precise measuring technics

  • easy to handle

  • long life

Our modular conception and the excellent mechanics will make it easier for you to decide on our systems.


Service also is a very important aspect to choose a system. Our module technic, in connection with our test-hardware and test-software, enables you to locate and identify faults. In almost all cases of interference an exchange of the module is already sufficient. This avoids expensive after sale services.

If you should have any more questions concerning our measuring station, please feel free to contact us.

Changes in technics, design and delivery are subject to alteration.

For detailed technical report on PMS-future-3 please click here

For further information about the software 'Urodat for Windows', please click here