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Wireless UROFLOW-Recorder !!

Bluetooth connection to
PC and Notebook-Computer
with Windows operating system

The UROFLOW-Recorder WT exists of the wireless
UROFLOW-Transducer and the user software UroRec for your PC.

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UROFLOW-Transducer with wireless data transfer PC-Software UroRec to run the measurement: Data output:
  • Wireless data transfer via Bluetooth
  • High precision transducer with scale
  • Stand with height-adjustable transducer
  • Status display for the patient
  • Lithium-Ion accumulator with latest charging technique
  • Runs up to two weeks without recharging
  • Power supply for charging the accumulator or for run with AC
  • Automatic START- / STOP- function
  • Automatic measuring range changeover
  • Graphical display of measurement in realtime
  • Artifact rejection
  • Database for patent data and measurements
  • Measurement overlay function
  • Export function for measurement and evaluation
  • Network connection
  • Printout of Uroflow diagram and evaluation in A4-format
  • Printout of hospital- /clinic name
  • Printout of your individual comments and diagnosis



Advantages of our wireless UROFLOW-Recorder WT compared with a conventional Uroflow-Recorder

  • Mobil usage due to the wireless UROFLOW-Transducer

  • Direct data transfer of measurement to the PC

  • Printout in A4-format on any Printer (Network printers too)

  • Data archive contains all measurements

  • Export function to any Windows application

  • Many additional functions in the user software UroRec


Scope of delivery:

We deliver the wireless UROFLOW-Recorder WT ready to use incl. all needed accessories.

Included in delivery:

  • Wireless UROFLOW-Tranducer WT incl. stand

  • Funnel (Stainless steel)

  • measuring cup (plastic)

  • Power supply / charging device

  • Calibration weight

  • User software UroRec for your PC with Windows operating system

  • Bluetooth-transceiver for your PC

  • Detailed, printed user manual

  • Detailed, printed installation manual

A Notebook-Computer or PC is not included in delivery.
The UROFLOW-Recorder WT we also can deliver as complete set incl. Notebook-Computer, printer and installed software.


Mechanical dimensions and weights:

   Diameter of stand base 680 mm,
   height 900 mm,
   weight 5 kg approx.


  • Micturition stool, armless without backrest - Art. Nr.: 8850



CE Certification:
The device is certificated with the CE-Mark

Technical alterations, changes of design and delivery are reserved for us.

Here you can find a printout with diagram and evaluation of the UROFLOW-Recorder WT