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Urodynamics Measuring Station

A simple handling instrument
with the
modern high tech for

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UROMASTER is an extremely flexible measuring system including modular technology for physiological measurements. It is specially developed for routine examinations in hospitals and clinics.

Range of applications:
Preferred field of applications:

  • Urology    and

  • Uro-Gynaecology.

Basic equipment:

The measuring station consists of the following main components:

  • more efficient notebook in newest technology,

  • Ink-jet-printer,

  • Measuring unit with:

    • USB Interface with electrical isolation,


    • Bus System to receive the modules,

    • PRESSURE-Module to measure four pressures,

    • TRANSDUCER-Module to measure the infused quantity,

    • MOTOR-Module to control the motors for ROLLER-Pump and PULLER-Device,

    • VOLUME-Transducer,

    • ROLLER-Pump     and

    • PULLER-Device.

  • Trolley:
    All the components are integrated in one compact and easily portable trolley with the Dimensions
    600 x 500 x 1.400 mm (width x depth x height).


Our well-tried technical concept is very effective.
Soft- and hardware are optimal combined.

The advantages of our software Urodat for Windows edition UROMASTER :

  • Easy to handle user interface in typical Windows 2000 look and feel.

  • Total exploitation of the technical possibilities.

  • Exact presentation:

    • graphical display of all measured parameter,

    • numerical evaluation    and

    • nomograms.

  • ACCESS data bases.

Measuring programs:

The following examination programs are available with the basic equipment:
  • Cystmetry,

  • Profilometry    and

  • Profilometry under stress conditions.



Additional two options are available: (Hard- and Software)

  • UROFLOW    and

  • EMG

With these two options itís possible to make additional examinations in Urology and Uro-Gynaecology.


This option extend the basic system with:

  • Uroflowmetry,

  • Cystometry/Uroflowmetry     and

  • Pressure-Flow-Measurements.

Option EMG:

This option enables a simultaneous EMG-measurements by:
  • Cystometry,

with the option  UROFLOW  also by:

  • Uroflowmetry     and

  • Cystometry/Uroflowmetry.



Descriptions, display and evaluations in conformity with ICS (International Continence Society) definitions.



Best material, a very good workmanship and our modular technology will be the guarantee for a long life without defects for our  UROMASTER. 

In case of a defect it is simple to locate every defect inside the system. The defect modules can be replaced easily

In this way the charging of the technical service will be avoided in almost every situation.


If you should have any more questions concerning our measuring station, please feel free to contact us.

Changes in technics, design and delivery are subject to alteration.

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'Urodat for Windows edition UROMASTER', please click here